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Introducing George…

Author: Katie Hart

Date: 05 Apr 2022


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Introducing George…

I’ll commence with a big, warm welcome to all readers of Katie Hart’s website; I’m George Ypres, the new recruit!

Whilst ‘Intern’ is the official role, I believe recruit to sound more interesting and oddly appropriate. Speaking of interesting, I’ve amassed a small army of questions that necessitate answers!

What does your role involve?

As far as this new job goes, I handle various background tasks – such as proof-reading websites, intelligence gathering, photo manipulation and, as you can see, blog composing. With all that to consider, I’m sure consistent readers will be seeing more of my writing soon! All criticism is appreciated!

Do you have a background in neuromarketing?

Due to the nature of this neuromarketing internship, you would expect that I have a generous amount of experience in both marketing and neuroscience, but shockingly that proves to be untrue. Until some weeks ago, I’d never even heard of the combined efforts of these two names, which further suggests that the limelight still hangs elsewhere. The silver lining is the excitement for progression – real progression. People and companies have more opportunities to advance themselves now than they have in all of history, so any hesitation to do so should be absent.

What qualities do you bring to the team?

Growing up, I had no shortage of energy or creativity in the slightest. The idea of producing something that was unique to this world – a one of a kind – always captivated me. In the beginning, I spent a few years editing clips from Call of Duty games as one does, but soon I found my hobbies evolving further. One day I watched a television series and found myself devastated with the ending, so much so that I simply rewrote the entire story. Naturally, it was a poorly written and rushed project, but I loved it too much to stop there.

To cut the life-story short, the two biggest and most confident skills in my arsenal are most certainly editing and writing. In the writing sense of things, I’m thrilled to say this is my first ever attempt at a blog! It may be a bit informal, but I feel as though informality sparks a better narrative on the topic of George.

What piece of advice would you give to anyone considering a career in neuromarketing?

My advice to any marketer out there is don’t shy away from things you don’t understand, spending time researching and understanding these things is what’s really important, especially for the best results. Always seek ways to improve, for you. I’ll end this blog on my final question:

Are you willing to try?

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