Keynote Speaking

Keynote Speaking

Neuromarketing is genuinely fascinating, and is currently at the forefront of new marketing trends. For this reason, I am often asked to speak to audiences about it and raise awareness of the opportunities it provides.


The powerful concepts I cover make for innovative, enlightening and thought-provoking sessions. They showcase the very latest in research findings (both my own and those of academic institutions) and introduce new ways of thinking about marketing issues and opportunities.

How my keynote sessions benefit your audience

  • Be seen to be different

    Be seen to be different

    Neuromarketing is still only emerging, so sessions on it are viewed as being progressive and innovative. They usually draw significant numbers of delegates and attendees, which demonstrates a demand for knowledge in this powerful field.

  • Educate…and entertain

    Educate…and entertain

    Neuroscience is fascinating but it can also be incredibly complex. I choose to support audience learning by making my sessions fun, relevant and applicable. Don’t get me wrong, I can do detailed scientific terminology if the audience demands it…I just rarely find that they do!

  • Two levels of insight

    Two levels of insight

    The beauty of neuromarketing as a topic, is that very often we are learning about ourselves at the same time as we learn about our customers. I optimise this to ensure that audiences are more engaged and find the content more accessible than could otherwise be provided.

  • Leave a legacy

    Leave a legacy

    As an event organiser, you want your event to be memorable and have a lasting impact. Using knowledge of how memories are created and can be made to last, my sessions tend to be quoted and referred to for months and even years afterwards.

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What we could cover

  • Neuromarketing: What’s in it for me?

    Neuromarketing: What’s in it for me?

    Introduces audiences to the realm of neuromarketing, helping them learn what it includes and how it is currently being used. This session also explores the so-called myths which neuroscience has burst, many of which you may find surprising and even challenging to accept.

  • The Brain: Work in Progress

    The Brain: Work in Progress

    Sharing basic information about our brains and the ways they have evolved to try and (pre)serve us, creates a terrific understanding of ourselves, our customers and our colleagues. These insights can be applied to great effect within marketing, or indeed many other organisational departments.

  • Diversity by Design

    Diversity by Design

    Explore the ways different brains function, and learn how to capture these to create more powerful teams, organisations and results. Neurodiversity is a hot topic at the moment, so give your audience the knowledge they need to be able to adapt and benefit.

  • Making Their Mind Up

    Making Their Mind Up

    Understanding the key elements which contribute to purchasing decisions, can fundamentally change the way we approach design and content. An exploration of these elements in context, provides powerful combinations of insights and entertainment.

Frequently asked questions

  • What size of audience have you worked with?

    I am one of those strange creatures who really enjoys public speaking, so the audience size is not a problem for me. I am experienced at delivering keynote sessions to groups of 50-60, all the way up to around 1,000. Clearly the delivery style changes along the spectrum, but my impact and feedback always remain consistently high.

  • Do you work through a booking agency?

    The vast majority of my work comes through referrals or repeat business. No offence to booking agents but If you want to enquire about a booking, I think you learn more by talking to me and finding out what I am like as a communicator and a person. So, please feel free to call me on 07736 008915 if you have any enquiries or events you wish to discuss.

  • How long do your keynote sessions last?

    I do not have fixed speeches which I take off the shelf and deliver for your audience. Instead, I work with you to fit within whatever requirements you have, and I adapt my content to make it as relevant as possible within the time you give me. Again, it needs to start from understanding your audience, your objectives and your event.

  • How do you measure the success of a keynote session?

    I believe it is really important to ensure the sessions I deliver are well received and valued by event organisers and their delegates alike. For me this happens on two levels. It is always gratifying to receive the positive comments and endorsements at the event and on social media. However, I also monitor activity like giveaway downloads to measure the real legacy and engagement of audiences I have spoken to.