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Neuromarketing has the potential to be a gamechanger for your business growth. Read on to find out more about what it is and how you can benefit from its application.

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For your marketing to be effective, you need to truly ‘get’ what is going on inside the heads of your customers. Yes, you need to really know and understand your fellow human beings – the fascinating creatures who frequently defy rationality, box-ticking and segmentation.


That’s why I love applying my psychology background – 32 years of research, lecturing and consultancy – to marketing. It enables you to better understand why your customers behave the way they do, and neuroscience takes this understanding to a whole new level.

How can Neuromarketing benefit your business?

Neuromarketing provides clarity and answers. It replaces assumptions and estimates with scientific explanations and evidence. How does it do this I hear you ask…?


We know that at least 85% of what goes into making decisions is subconscious. That means that if you asked your customers why they behave the way they do, at best you would only ever get 15% of the reasoning. They are not deliberately withholding information from you: they just cannot share what they are not aware of themselves.


Neuromarketing changes all of this. Using physiological measures and responses, neuromarketing allows you to interrogate the 85% that your customers are not aware of themselves. This knowledge enables you to become much more surefooted about how to best serve and communicate with your customers.

What can I offer your business?

For innovative, progressive organisations, the emergence of neuromarketing is a gamechanger. It allows you to connect with your customers in a way which celebrates their individuality, earns their trust and quietly demonstrates a unique level of empathy, integrity and respect. As a consultant, lecturer and public speaker, I feel privileged to share the insights I’ve learned about our fascinating brains. I love to witness the ‘aha’ moments when clients discover new levels of knowledge and understanding towards their customers, and identify the opportunities these include.

Bespoke Training

Bespoke Training

Are you a forward-thinking company who wants to better understand and connect to your customer base? There are many ways I can provide you or your team with insightful and impactful sessions to achieve this:

  • 1:1 coaching
  • Sector specific groups
  • Delivering impactful sessions
  • Practical workshops
  • Online Courses (Coming soon)
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Are you looking to get the highest return from your marketing investment? Working with your in-house team I can provide significant value to increase the reach, impact and effectiveness of your activities.

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Keynote Speaking

Keynote Speaking

Are you looking for a professional speaker who has credibility and impact? I have an ability to convey powerful, and sometimes complex, knowledge in a manner which is applicable, enjoyable and most importantly, memorable.

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Katie is an astonishing human being, who just happens to be a great speaker too. She is interesting, engaging, with her ideas being both unique, and challenging. If you have the opportunity – just have a chat with Katie and get her on your stage if you can. You’ll be a better person for having met her and heard her ideas

If anybody wants to look at doing anything within the neuromarketing sphere I think Katie is a really great individual to go to and get that understanding of what is happening and how that can be related into their business or into their marketing

I’ve known Katie for thirteen years and worked with her, for her and employed her in that period. Her passion, education and subsequent insight in Psychology is backed up with an impressive track record of delivery as a business speaker, consultant and coach. Good person to do business with.

I saw Katie speak at an event and was extremely impressed by her expertise in the field of neuromarketing. What she does brilliantly is to bring fresh insight and a unique perspective to how humans make decisions and the subtle and not so subtle factors that influence people to say ‘yes’

At my Platinum Business Mastermind Group, we seek to bring in only the highest quality speakers who are at the very top of their game. Katie fits this brief perfectly. She brought us a new and exciting way to approach our marketing, and delivered it with engaging levels of passion, experience and humour. If you want a thought provoking session that will revolutionise the way you interact with your audience, Katie is the speaker for you!

Katie Hart speaks with great authority. Her knowledge of the subject, passion for its promotion and ability to apply it across all sectors, places her at the front of this developing trend within the profession.

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My latest insights

Neuromarketing provides many fascinating discoveries and insights which we can all benefit from knowing and applying. Here are some of the most recent ones I have shared:

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