Bespoke Training

If you want to regularly apply the insights and knowledge provided by neuromarketing, you absolutely can. You just need to learn how do to that. My training offers a range of ways that you can access this information and embed it within your organisation.


Of course, I apply many neuroscience insights when I design and deliver my sessions too, so they are optimised to be impactful, enjoyable and memorable.

How bespoke training can benefit your team

  • The content you need

    The content you need

    I work with you to understand precisely the situation you are in and the most impactful insights your team need to know. This means you get the outcomes you need, without any waffle or wastage.

  • Delivered your way

    Delivered your way

    You want half the team training at a time so you can keep the contact centre open? No problem. You Need the content delivered in four x 2hour sessions? That’s fine too. I will always work around whatever stipulations you have.

  • Applied to your business

    Applied to your business

    Each business has its own processes, acronyms, values and foibles. By developing bespoke training specifically for you, I am able to tailor all elements to make it highly relevant and effective for your team.

  • Designed to work with your clients

    Designed to work with your clients

    Neuromarketing is all about bringing you closer to your clients, so your training will focus on them and be sure to feature them throughout the learning process. This direct application improves the impact and effectiveness of your training investment.

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What we’ll cover

  • Diversity by Design

    Diversity by Design

    If we want a truly diverse workforce, we need to celebrate our neurological differences. However, this means our recruitment materials need to be able to appeal to a diverse range of brains. Learn what the key elements of this are, and how you can incorporate them effectively.

  • The Brain Gain

    The Brain Gain

    They way our brains have evolved is impressive, but not fit for purpose today: essentially we are still running on caveman software. Learn how to harness these imperfections to improve the impact and effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.

  • Neuromarketing: a beginner’s guide

    Neuromarketing: a beginner’s guide

    Our understanding of brains effects literally every aspect of marketing – from page layout and packaging design, to image selection and font preferences. An overview of these key elements is provided to help you better understand your customers and create more intentional results from your campaigns.

  • A presenter’s guide to audiences

    A presenter’s guide to audiences

    Being able to deliver an impactful and memorable presentation is not just about the presenter. Having an understanding and appreciation of the audience’s brain will drastically shift your approach and success rate! Neuroscience provides great insights and powerful methods to help you stand out when you stand up.

Frequently asked questions

  • What sizes of groups do you work with?

    I can deliver training in a 1:1 coaching format, or as a lecture to 100s of people. However, the experience and outcomes will clearly not be the same. It has to start from exploring what the training needs to achieve and convey, and who the intended audience is to receive it. From there we can work out the most appropriate format and group size to achieve those objectives.

  • Can you work with sector specific groups?

    Absolutely. I have delivered a number of sessions where representatives have been brought together to try and address issues of diversity or engagement across their sector. Examples include construction, finance and education.

  • Are your courses accredited?

    Although I am a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, a member of the Association for Business Psychology, and part of the British Psychological Society, at the moment, the courses I provide do not have formal accreditations with any of these organisations. This is largely because each course I deliver is different and tailored specifically to suit your needs and requirements.

  • How do you keep the course content updated?

    Neuroscience is progressing on a daily basis, with new discoveries and opportunities emerging from a network of academic institutions around the world. In order to keep up to date with their findings and be able to bring the relevant ones to you, I subscribe to a number of journals and organisations where new insights get featured. I then evaluate the research methods, findings and benefits, before incorporating only the robust and valid findings into my training sessions.

Katie is an astonishing human being, who just happens to be a great speaker too. She is interesting, engaging, with her ideas being both unique, and challenging. If you have the opportunity – just have a chat with Katie and get her on your stage if you can. You’ll be a better person for having met her and heard her ideas

If anybody wants to look at doing anything within the neuromarketing sphere I think Katie is a really great individual to go to and get that understanding of what is happening and how that can be related into their business or into their marketing

I’ve known Katie for thirteen years and worked with her, for her and employed her in that period. Her passion, education and subsequent insight in Psychology is backed up with an impressive track record of delivery as a business speaker, consultant and coach. Good person to do business with.

I saw Katie speak at an event and was extremely impressed by her expertise in the field of neuromarketing. What she does brilliantly is to bring fresh insight and a unique perspective to how humans make decisions and the subtle and not so subtle factors that influence people to say ‘yes’

At my Platinum Business Mastermind Group, we seek to bring in only the highest quality speakers who are at the very top of their game. Katie fits this brief perfectly. She brought us a new and exciting way to approach our marketing, and delivered it with engaging levels of passion, experience and humour. If you want a thought provoking session that will revolutionise the way you interact with your audience, Katie is the speaker for you!

Katie Hart speaks with great authority. Her knowledge of the subject, passion for its promotion and ability to apply it across all sectors, places her at the front of this developing trend within the profession.

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