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Words, words, words…

Author: Katie Hart

Date: 01 Oct 2023


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Words, words, words…
Image courtesy of Vecteezy.com

Thank you for visiting my ongoing research page.

This month we are once again looking at words, or more specifically, how well you can remember them. On the following pages you will find videos showing lists of words which change every second. All I want you to do is watch each video, and then when it has finished, see how many of the words you can recall.

There are only three 30 second videos, so it shouldn’t take you long to complete this!

Then, look out for a blog coming up which will provide the results and the neuroscience behind them. Or if you prefer, subscribe to my newsletter (by providing your email in the box at the bottom of this page) so you know you won’t miss the findings.

Thank you again for taking part.


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