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The Whole Marketer Podcast

Author: Katie Hart

Date: 07 Mar 2023


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The Whole Marketer Podcast

Who is your human?

❔ This is a question Abigail Dixon (Founder of The Whole Marketer) likes to ask when she’s training or consulting… not one of the many types of humans like user/customer/consumer, but the real human who you are trying to a build connection with…

💡 And understanding humans is the focus of this episode of her podcast which is a technical skill on an area of latest thinking… It’s neuromarketing – which as I am sure you know by now, is the scientific study of the brain applied to marketing to better understand human behaviour.

➡ In this episode, I was invited to share the latest approaches within neuromarketing and their pros and cons, as well as practical advice on how to get started bringing neuromarketing into your organisation.


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