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The Power of Neuromarketing – with Rania Kurdi

Author: Katie Hart

Date: 28 Jun 2022


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The Power of Neuromarketing – with Rania Kurdi

Do you have a more masculine achievement impulse brain or a more feminine utopian impulse brain? Neuroscience has discovered how to market differently to each type. Your type effects your decisions and how you feel about the world. Understanding the differences between each is vital when it comes to marketing but it is also super helpful to understand when navigating your personal relationships.

My guest Katie Hart MSc is passionate about providing insight into our brains, and using that knowledge to help people understand themselves better. She has been running her own neuromarketing business for almost 14 years now, working with clients such as Dove, Honda and Lloyds Bank in that time. She has recently completed her MSc in Applied Neuroscience and is a well known speaker, both nationally and internationally, on ways neuroscience can be applied within marketing.

You can hear the full episode here, on all podcast platforms or my website raniakurdi.com
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