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‘That Neuromarketing Episode’

Author: Katie Hart

Date: 05 Jan 2021


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‘That Neuromarketing Episode’

That Marketing Podcast – Spotler

Katie Hart, psychology lecturer and founder of neuromarketing consultancy Rhetonic, leads us into her fascinating world to understand how different messages set off responses in the brain, and why marketers need to pay attention.

Marketers of all stripes dream of being able to get inside their customers’ heads, to understand and influence their buying decisions. The emerging field of NeuroMarketing might just be the key to making that a reality!

With both professional and academic experience of both marketing and psychology, Katie Hart is perfectly placed to explain exactly what NeuroMarketing is and how it works:

How context matters when applying NeuroMarketing principles:

“There are some which have quite a large appeal across the spectrum, but most of them will vary according to individual platforms. And a lot of that is about understanding the environment the consumer is in at the time that they are accessing them. So things like social media feeds, if you look at the amount of time somebody spends in a social media feed as they’re scrolling through, you have split seconds to capture their attention. Whereas generally with emails, you’ve got more time.”

The tricky question of ethics in NeuroMarketing:

“At the moment, there are very few laws or authorities who are policing what is going on. There are some. But sadly, as you say, they don’t really impact on most of us at the SME level. At our stage, what most of us do is we have our own codes of conduct or our own standards that we adhere to. So it is dependent a lot on an individual practitioner.”

Why getting the ethics right matters:

“These are quite deep, almost evolutionary, physiological responses that we’re talking about. So they aren’t things that we can choose to switch on or switch off. So very often, they can be used in a way that we won’t even know that we are having a process done to us.”

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