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CIM Digital Marketing Conference

Author: Katie Hart

Date: 06 Jan 2022


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CIM Digital Marketing Conference

This conference is the go-to event for anyone who wants to stay at the cutting edge of the marketing profession.

Spread over two days, the CIM’s most popular speakers will share their knowledge and insights, and be available to answer your questions too.

My presentation is entitled ‘What is Neuromarketing?’ so, no prizes for guessing, it will provide an overview of this emerging trend within Marketing. If you’ve never hear of it before, well, you have now! And if you have heard of it, but aren’t entirely sure what it is, this session will provide clarification.

I will give details of what neuromarketing is…and what it isn’t. I will outline the range of situations when it can be used, and outline the benefits it provides. I will also show you examples from my own research and that of others, to demonstrate the different it makes.

My session is on Day One, so register now to secure your place, and I look forward to seeing you there.


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