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Who gives a …?

Author: Katie Hart

Date: 01 Dec 2019


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Who gives a …?
Image courtesey of Vecteezy.com

Who gives a …?

It’s the first of December.

Advent Calendars the world over will be opening their doors for the first time, and it becomes socially acceptable to think, act and talk out loud, about Christmas. But, before November becomes a distant memory, I want you to look back on it and reflect.

November has become a really significant month for charitable fundraising. For years we have had the BBC’s ‘Children in Need’ during this month and for longer still we have had The British Legion and their poppy appeal. And now we have Movember.  Oo, and some hashtag giving too.

As a species, we humans are generally quite generous with our resources. Provided we have enough for our own needs and those of the people closest to us, we often then share with those who are unknown to us, who are less fortunate and who are suffering. But, research shows that there are differences in the approach the two genders take when it comes to charitable giving.

Giving and taking

Fairy undertook some research as part of their partnership with ‘Make-A-Wish’ foundation, and looked at the differences between the two genders when it comes to being charitable. They found that on every measure, women were more generous than men. More women donate more often, and they give their time as well as their money by volunteering more regularly for good causes.

So, should we be surprised by their findings?

Women are often regarded as being the more emotional sex. We respond to situations by referring to our feelings and our hearts, rather than the more rational thoughts within the male head. Women empathise more too, so we sense, share and even experience the suffering we see in others. Men don’t. They are not so open with their emotions, nor are they so comfortable when emotions are openly displayed. And they are not usually inclined to talk about any donating or fundraising that they do do.

But Movember is changing that. Such public, overt demonstrations of their commitment to a cause are to be admired. Men have made it so much more acceptable to support the underdog, to champion those who need help and to be open about their willingness to do so.

All in their own, testosterone fuelled way!

So, as the razors come out, and the poppies are packed away, I want to take my hat off to all of us, men and women alike, who got involved. Those of us who bought things, grew things, achieved things and made things…even if was only making ourselves look silly!

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