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Thanks – I owe you one!

Author: Katie Hart

Date: 12 Dec 2023


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Thanks – I owe you one!

As a busy business owner, I am constantly grateful to anyone who finds the time to read and engage with my content. I have a sense of how many other demands may be placed on your time at any given point, and that fact that you choose to spend some of that with me is something I will never take for granted. So – Thank You.

However, as a neuromarketer, I know that, at some level, you will also be feeling grateful to me at the moment. Just a little bit.

You see when individuals and organisations give something of value, it shifts the way we feel towards them slightly. That free e-book that I have just downloaded, or that software I have been able to trial free for 14 days. It all makes me view them in a different way. A more receptive way.

Welcome to the Reciprocity Principle.

If you give something of value to someone, they will usually want to do something good for you in return. This is because they will want to restore the equilibrium, the balanced situation which existed at the start. As humans, we do not want to feel indebted to others, like we owe them or are obliged to them in any way. So, by giving something of value to potential customers, organisations know that those individuals will want to do something good for them…and soon.

Maybe they could write a positive review or endorsement? Or make a recommendation to someone who could benefit from knowing about the services/products? Perhaps they could subscribe to a newsletter or channel? Or maybe they could make a purchase?

This window of opportunity is powerful. So if you have something that you are able to provide for free, please make sure you are using it to its best advantage. Following up with an offer or a request at this stage of the sales funnel, will dramatically improve your results.

Did you find that useful? Insightful? Thought provoking?

I hope so…but will leave you to decide what you want to do about that now.

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