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Neuromarketing…with Disctinction!

Author: Katie Hart

Date: 28 Jul 2022


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Neuromarketing…with Disctinction!

Do you remember a few months ago, how I told you I was going back to school? Yes? Well if not, visit this post to remind you…

Somehow, it turns out that that ‘few months’ is almost three years ago. And so it is with great pride that I can reveal that I have now graduated. Wahoo!

I am now the very proud owner/recipient (what is the correct term here?) of an MSc in Applied Neuroscience (with Distinction). Actually, I am going to take the brackets off that and put it in capitals. WITH DISTINCTION!!!

So what have I learned from completing and achieving this qualification?

Well, clearly I have learned a huge amount about our brains and neuroscience and the ways we can apply it to our daily lives. If you want to learn some of these insights for yourself, sign up for my next ‘Discover Neuromarketing’ course right now.

But on a personal note, I have also learned a tremendous amount about myself:

  • It turns out I do have 15-20 hours a week ‘spare’ to invest in something I really care about and am keen to achieve
  • I am not too old to go back to school and formal education
  • My 14 years working in this field position me at the forefront of this emerging commercial trend. I know, 14 years and it is still only emerging now?!
  • Life goes on without being aware of the latest developments on Love Island, or having seen Stranger Things or any of the Game of Thrones series
  • Investing in my own development is important to me, although it is certainly not easy when you run your own business
  • Although I always said I was only aiming for a pass, when I found out that a distinction was within my reach, my goal suddenly changed!
  • I am proud that I have achieved my objective of obtaining significant academic knowledge to ensure I provide the best research findings, approaches and insights to my customers
  • I am not, nor will I ever be, a biochemist, so some of the intricate complexities of the brain’s neurochemical transmission processes will probably always evade me!

Why am I telling you all of this?

Firstly, I want to encourage you. If there is anything you have been wanting to do or make time for or you feel will improve or update your knowledge or skills, go for it. Life is short and the time will pass anyway, so make sure you are investing your time rather than just spending it.

Secondly, I want to reassure you. Whenever there is an emerging trend within business, there are lots of people who appear to jump onto the bandwagon and claim to know what they are talking about. Sadly, this industry is no different, and the prevalence of neurob****cks is rife. So please, if you are considering looking into it or working with someone, make sure you come to someone who has actually studied it, researched it, demonstrated a commitment to it, used it and genuinely does know what they are on about.

Lastly, I want to remind me. Yes, strange as it may sound, some days I will doubt myself and forget all the hours of blood sweat and tears that got me to this point. I will gloss over the horrors of combining my studies with homeschooling my children, running my business, supporting my husband in farming 1,500 acres, ensuring everyone is fed and clothed, making time for our family and friends etc. etc. And when I do, I want to have this blog to return to and to remind me of what I have achieved and how far I have come. I think we all need that some days, and I hope my future self will thank me for this post when that time comes.

But my present self is going to just enjoy the sense of achievement for a bit longer. And possibly buy some books which are NOT about neuroscience and neuromarketing…naaah, who am I kidding?!

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