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Making sense to our customers

Author: Katie Hart

Date: 07 Nov 2020


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Making sense to our customers

Making sense to our customers

When we are considering purchasing a product or service, there are only five ways that we will get information about them.

You see, at the basic level, everything we learn about the world around us, comes in through our senses. All the information we receive about the world outside of us, comes through our eyes, ears, noses, mouths or skin.

So, if we want to better understand our customers and the buying decisions they make, we need to start here. We need to learn about senses and how the information they gather is received and responded to within the brain.

You see, this is where the first opportunity for marketing to make a real difference lies.

Sense check

When information comes in through our senses, our brain has to decide which bits are important and which bits are not. So, right now, you may be aware of the fact you are reading. However, at the same time, if you turn your attention to it, you will become aware of the feeling of the seat underneath you. This sensation of touch was always there, but your brain decided it wasn’t important enough at the time to get significant conscious attention. If the seat suddenly got hot, the brain would direct more attention to it so you would become consciously aware.

The brain is making these decisions every split second of every day. Which sounds are important? Of the many sensations against our skin at any one time, which need our attention? What aspects of our visual field will attract our attention and draw us in?

Do you see now how this is so significant for everyone within marketing?

Unconscious buying

It is said that between 85 and 95% of the decisions we make are made at an unconscious level. That is, only 5 to 15% of each decision we make is as a result of information we are consciously aware of.

So, over the course of a series of blogs, I shall consider each of the five senses in turn. I will give you knowledge about how they work and what they respond well to. I will then provide tips for improving that aspect of your product development, service delivery or marketing communications.

Does that make sense?!


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