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100 Years of EEG: Celebrating a Century of Neuroscience Technology

Author: Katie Hart

Date: 06 Jul 2024


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100 Years of EEG: Celebrating a Century of Neuroscience Technology

Its July 6th, 2024, and we’re celebrating a major milestone: 100 years since Hans Berger recorded the first EEG. Yes, you read that right…100 years! This wasn’t just a big deal—it was the birth of electroencephalography and a game-changer in how we understand the human brain.

Now, when we talk about neuromarketing, it might sound all cutting-edge (and in many ways, it is!), but guess what? The EEG, the tech behind it all, has been put through its paces over the past century. It’s proven itself time and again in ways other methods can only dream of.

So, what’s so special about EEG? It’s like this: imagine detecting brain waves with electrodes on your scalp, peeking into how our brains work in real-time. It’s not just about cognitive stuff either —think emotions, gut reactions, all the things that drive consumer decisions.

Since Berger’s clunky contraption, EEG has come a long way. Today, we’ve got sleek systems that can identify, monitor and record brain activity within fractions of a second – in fact the sets I use can record up to 3,584 readings per second. It’s not just for labs anymore either; marketers are using it out in the field, capturing real, unfiltered insights that are shaping how products hit the market.

And here’s the clincher: EEG isn’t just a ‘cool’ tool. It’s becoming the go-to for establishing what really clicks with consumers. It dives deep, bypassing all the bias and digging into the nitty-gritty of what makes us buy. That’s like having a backstage pass to the brain’s decision-making process…and who wouldn’t want that?!

As we toast 100 years of EEG, we’re not just tipping our hats to Hans Berger’s genius. We’re celebrating how this tech has reshaped how we understand brains and behaviours. And trust me, the future is only going to get brighter: EEG keeps evolving, promising even deeper dives into how we think and choose.

I wonder what insights EEG will uncover for us in the next 100 years?

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